Star Shoes

The beginning of the Star Shoes project. 

The Star Shoes project has a bold soul. This is a pioneer project that challenged 2600 consumers around the world to participate in an unprecedented study. 50 years after opening, ROPAR wants to know the sole of the foot of the world population.

Therefore, ROPAR invited several customers of 19 countries to leave their feet printed in a phenolic foam box, to integrate a data base with feet from all over the world. The main purpose of this project is to analyze the feet at a global scale.
To guarantee the thoroughness of these foot prints, ROPAR allied with the Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering of the University of Porto in a scientific partnership. In this laboratory, several biomechanics and mechanics paradigms of footwear are tested and evaluated, through hundreds of tests, the distribution of the foot plant in A’RCOPEDICO® . Besides, several gait and posture biomechanics experiments were also made. The result of these investigations will be the target of the new patent.