Tecnologia Calçado | Tecnología Calzado | Footwear Technology

A’RCOPEDICO® blends classic style with exclusive technology, a reflection its history of more than 50 years of expertise. The brand’s shoes are based on a double patented technology, the Techno Elastic Upper (T.E.U. – flexible textile) that guarantees a controlled freedom of the foot shape
when walking and the Twin Arch Support System (T.A.S.S. – double arch support) for the correct foot support.


In 2022, we introduced the Antiviral Sole, a certified and verified sole with tests results showing antiviral activity kill 99% viruses. For 2023 we bring the Hybrid-Air Insole system.



(Flexible Textile)

Upper part (exterior) with elasticity that guarantees a controlled volumetric density. Unique combination of a bidirectional elastic material allied to a careful construction of the shoe. Lightweight upper part and adaptable to any foot shape.

Techno Elastic Upper

Perfect fit to all foot shapes | Helps to stabilize the foot

Techno Elastic Upper

Unique malleability


(Foot Support)

Ultralight sole designed with two lengthways support structures that correctly sustain the foot, distributing the body weight through the entire plantar surface.

Twin Arch Support System

Relieves pressure on the foot.

Twin Arch Support System

Support of the arch foot contributing to a correct body posture.


Certified Sole
(Antiviral Properties)

Ergonomic sole with antiviral properties that prevent the virus propagation, protecting the health and wellbeing of all. The tests results showed antiviral activity kill 99% viruses.

Sola Antivírica | Suela Antivírica | Antiviral Sole

Developed, certified and tested by: CENTI, 2CA Braga and INEB

Sola Antivírica | Suela Antivírica | Antiviral Sole

Prevents the virus propagation


(Recycled materials)

Recycle insole made of materials that combine a moisture absorption and dissolution system, with the ability to regenerate air and to balance the temperature inside the footwear.

Hybrid-Air Insole system

Perfect for long walks

Hybrid-Air Insole system

Eliminates bad odors

The A’RCOPEDICO® footwear guarantees unique technical features that improve the well-being of the foot and the body so that consumers can immediately feel an exceptional comfort. Characteristics tested through studies elaborated with renowned partners as INEGI - Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.