Reforestation campaign

One step forward

We believe that small steps are the beginning of great journeys. This year we started our walk towards a Sustainable Future and today we take one more step.

Our company has always been oriented towards Environmental concerns. At a time when climate change can no longer be ignored, we launched the project “Um passo pela floresta”. Our goal is to contribute to the reforestation in national territory through the planting of trees.

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How it works?

For each “Sustainable Future” tote bag sold, 1€ goes to the plantation of autochthonous trees in Portugal and Spain. The plantation will be carried by our partners, non-profit organizations that promote the regeneration of the degraded forests.

Campaign valid from October 1st and December 1st of 2022 (or out of the stock) in A’RCOPEDICO official stores (Lisbon, Barcelona, Madrid and Vigo).

When will the trees be planted?

The trees plantation will happen between December and March, in a location to be announced later.

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Why plant trees?

  • Enhancement of the natural heritage;
  • Repair of damaged ecosystems;
  • Mitigation of climate changes;
  • Reduce of the soil erosion.
Green Marketing

Other ways we contribute to a Sustainable Future:

  • Second change footwear:  promotion of a circular economy. The collected shoes are recycled and/or transform into new materials.
  • Sustainable materials: use of recycled or recyclable materials, as well as suppliers certified for their sustainable practices and/or resources.
  • Green Marketing: merchandising made out of recycled or recyclable materials.

Where to buy?