Men’s Collection

  • Sustainable materials
  • Casual look
  • Flexible & resistant

and Timeless

From the first cut to the final polish, our Men’s Collection keeps our client to the heart of what we do. Footwear that stand out by its malleability and resistance to wear, without interfering with the elasticity necessary for extreme comfort. Incorporates the exclusive brand’s technologies, Techno Elastic Upper (flexible textile) and Twin Arch Support System (foot arch support).

New Lytech Men

Sportier shoes made with recycled materials, double layer and unlined for a greater consistency. Smooth and velvety texture, and the new United sole – greater grip.

Neo Nature Men

Footwear made with premium sustainable leather from manufactures certified by the Leather Working Group. Upper part with two textures: natural and velvet.

The names of these shoes are inspired in National Parks, protected areas set aside for the preservation of natural locations of recognized ecological value.

  • men's collection
    Tjuta - New Lytech Men (39 - 46)



Sustainable materials


Antiviral sole


Hybrid-Air Insole


Techno Elastic Upper


Twin Arch
Support System

Clean and Care

  • Clean with a dry or clamp cloth in small and circular movements;
  • For a more effective cleaning, use our penetrating action foam Ecospuma (Neo Nature Men);
  • Wash in the washing machine. Maximum 30º (New Lytech Men);
  • Allow your shoes to dry naturally.Keep them away from high temperatures or exposure to direct sunlight;
  • Neo Nature shoes apply our water proffer Ecoimper. If your shoes get wet, dab dry with an absorbent, non-pilling cloth;
  • To help reduce odors, use our deodorizer Odorfresh;
  • Before store them, let them air out. Store them in a dry place away from humidity and any temperature changes.

*These shoes are produced with sustainable leather. It may present small variations in color and texture, attributes of its natural genesis.


Fall/Winter Collection