• Flexible biomembrane
  • Eco-friendly
  • Perfect foot adjustment
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The Lytech® shoe line includes footwear made from a flexible biomembrane tested by CTCP - Centro Tecnológico Português do Calçado.

Breathable and with controlled elasticity, it has a flexible upper part whose volumetric density is carefully controlled according to Techno-Elastic Upper technology that differentiates all A'RCOPEDICO® shoes.

Sustainable, recyclable and eco- friendly.

This line of footwear is submitted to a wide range of laboratory tests, which involve substantial levels of resistance to tearing, peeling and total absence of substances harmful to the skin and to the environment.


  • Techno elastic upper
    Techno Elastic Upper (T.E.U.)

Other features:

Features Knitted
Lightweight, travel friendly and machine washable (30º)

Care Instructions

Clean and Care Lytech
  • You can wash, in the washing machine maximum 30º, your Lytech Flex and Lytech Indoor shoes, only.
  • Allow your shoes to air out, removing the insole;
  • Do not, under any circumstance, use the drying machine. Keep them away from high temperatures or exposure to direct sunlight;
  • When dried, use our Ecoimper (water proofer) for a higher protection;
  • Use our deodorizer (Odofresh) frequently to help reduce odors.
  • Before store them, let them air out. Next, place them in the original box and store in a dry place away from humidity and any temperature changes.
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