• Techno Elastic Knitwear
  • Volumetric control
  • Foot liberty


A'RCOPEDICO® first model was a knit shoe characterized by an upper part that guaranteed a controlled volumetric density and freedom of the foot shape. Still available in various colours, with drawstring or elastics, ensuring a perfect fit, knitted shoes are very practical and extremely comfortable!

Using Techno Elastic Upper technology, this line uses a special mesh with nylon thread, being treated with a distinct softening wax for a smooth touch when barefoot wear. This entire process is controlled by the A'RCOPEDICO® quality department.

It is perfect for travel, ultra-light, and machine washable. Practical and fun, the Knitted line includes an exclusive selection of sandals characterized for its ergonomic sole in natural cork.

  • Techno-elastic knitwear
    Techno-elastic knitwear

Other features:

Lightweight, travel friendly and machine washable (30º)
Lightweight, travel friendly and machine washable (30º)

Care Instructions



  • You can wash, in the washing machine maximum 30º;
  • Allow your shoes to air out. Do not, under any circumstance, use the drying machine. Keep them away from high temperatures or exposure to direct sunlight;
  • Use our deodorizer (Odofresh) frequently to help reduce odors;
  • Before store them, let them air out. Store them in a dry place away from humidity and any temperature changes.
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