• Ecospuma
  • Odor Fresh
  • Ecoimper

& Care

Effective solutions created with ecological and non-toxic formulas. Care and clean without damaging the shoes or the natural characteristics of materials.

Ecospuma – Maximum cleaning power
Penetrating action foam, perfect for cleaning A’RCOPEDICO® footwear and other items of leather, fabrics or other materials.

Odor Fresh – Shoe Deodorizer
Soft and long lasting fragrance that penetrates your footwear, providing a pleasant feeling of freshness.

Ecoimper – Water Proofer
Highly effective action against water, oil and other liquid and pasty substances.


  • ecospuma

How to use it

Ecospuma: Wipe a lightly damp cloth over the surface of the shoes. Shake the bottle well and apply the product with a clean cloth or a soft sponge. The cloth or sponge should be lightly dampened. Extend over the surface of the shoes in light movements. Remove any dirt and excess product with a clean damp cloth, repeating the process until all residues of the product and dirt have been removed.

Odor Fresh: Shake the product well and unlock the applicator by rotating its base until the window is completely exposed. Insert the applicator into the  shoe. Press the applicator. After use, return the applicator to the locking position.

Ecoimper: Make sure the surface of the item is clean and dry. Shake the bottle well, spray the product evenly, without exaggerating, over the entire surface, at a distance of 10 to 15 cm, and allow to dry. Repeat after 5 minutes.


Spring/Summer Collection