“The best way to predict your future is to create it”
Abraham Lincoln

A simple invention can change the course of history. A’RCOPEDICO® was born in 1966 with Prof. Elio Parodi and its single product that immediately conquered consumers all over the world. A success based on a universal language: comfort.

Elio Parodi born in Italy, in 1914, graduated in Biological Medicine and Mechanical Engineering, was a natural inventor, being its major creation the A’RCOPEDICO® footwear. The brand reflects its creator idea: an orthopaedic sole with a twin arch system that supports the foot correctly and has a 100% proven comfort. The first models produced were the classic knit shoes characterized for the twin arch support system and a mesh upper part.

“Even today my father's time has still not arrived. It will come later. He often had ideas, but he found himself always overtaken by time. In the end he was always 50 years ahead of the story.”

Enrico Parodi - founder’s son and Board Director of ROPAR, S.A.


Classic Line, the first A’RCOPEDICO® footwear collection, and now named Knitted, with more than half a century of existence, is characterized by its techno-elastic knitted mesh, with volumetric control, allowing correct blood circulation, and a double arch sole.

The first pairs of A’RCOPEDICO® shoes were sold by Elio Parodi’s wife, Maria de Lurdes Parodi, that soon realised that the success of the brand has on convincing people to experience the true unparalleled comfort for themselves.

"I had to convince people that were in the cafes to put on the A’RCOPEDICO shoes. People had to experience the sensation. When I convinced them to put the shoes on, I knew I would be able to sell them"

Maria de Lurdes Parodi, President and co-founder of ROPAR, S.A.


In 1982, Enrico Parodi took over direction of the company after his father, continuing the innovative brand’s legacy. In 1999 the first leather models were released, and a few years later the line Lytech®. This one present models with an ultra-light upper part, made of ecological materials, environmental-friendly, and with an elasticity that naturally adapts to the shape of the foot.

The brand produces more that 600 thousand pairs a year, exporting to more than 50 countries, in 5 continents.  It has 5 footwear lines, with the original model (Classic Line) still leading the sales. A’RCOPEDICO® has its own brand stores in Portugal and Spain.

The first step

A’RCOPEDICO® was born after the participation in the World Congress of Podiatry in Örebro, Sweden. This congress was followed by months of study to prove a conviction: the foot arch is the main sustainer of the spine and, for that, it must be supported. 

Patent 47707

The attribution of the world patent, based on the twin arch support system. Arcopedico echoes the premise of its founder: to develop a sole that better supports the foot arch, as this is the main sustainer of the spine.

Sales team

Maria de Lurdes Parodi, the wife of the founder, assumes the leadership of the sales team. A strong and determined woman, soon realized that the main sales booster was to convince the customer to wear the shoe and try the comfort feeling on the foot.

New Headship

Death of the founder, Prof. Elio Parodi. The management is assumed by his wife, Maria de Lurdes Parodi, co-founder of the company.

Second Generation

Enrico Parodi, the founder’s son, assumes the leadership of ROPAR, S.A. From his father, he inherited the international soul, the vision of the world as one and the irreverence of always wanting to be one step ahead.


Participation on the 1st international exhibition 


A'RCOPEDICO® reaches the milestone of 2 million sold pairs (the original model, first ever commercialized knitted shoe).  

Knitted Salute

Launching of the Knitted Salute, the subline of the Knitted Shoes. With the creation of the subline Salute, new models were added to the knitted footwear range.

Relax Line

Launching of the Relax Line. Focused on the Health market, this line introduces an ultralight and flexible shoe, perfectly adaptable to the foot.  


Launching of the Nature Line.  To respond to the market demands, A’RCOPEDICO® widens its offer by introducing a new line made of garment leather extremely soft.


Launching of the Lytech® line. This is an eco-friendly line, tested by the CTCP – Centro Tecnológico do Calçado de Portugal

First official store

The opening of the A’RCOPEDICO®’s first official store in Lisbon.  

Managing Director

Elio Parodi, the founder’s grandson, assumes the Managing Director position.

Star Shoes

The beginning of the Star Shoes project, a project with the main purpose of this project is to analyze the feet at a global scale. Collaboration with  the Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering of the University of Porto. 

Easy Walk Experience

Easy Walk Experience brand creation. Using A’RCOPEDICO®’s patented technology, the brand behind the sportive ballerinas, known as Lolitas, was born.

50th Anniversary

A’RCOPEDICO® reaches the half century mark The 50th anniversary celebration took place in a special event in MICAM, the largest international footwear exhibition in Milan, Italy.


Launching of the Ortomedical brand. Using A’RCOPEDICO®’s technology, this brand was specifically designed for the diabetic foot and for other sensitive feet, affected by structural alterations.

Antiviral Sole

Sole with antiviral properties that prevent the virus propagation.

Sustainable Future

New brand positioning. Sustainable and comfortable, this is the future of footwear.

Future: A path for innovation

The word vanguard is part of the brand DNA and the search for innovative solutions also. Therefore, the stake on the health segment was inevitable, and thus the Ortomedical® brand was born, specifically designed for sensitive feet, affected by structural changes, and diabetic foot.

Star Shoes is a bold project, a pioneer study of the world’s feet. The project invited 19 different countries to leave their footprints in phenolic foam boxes, and thus create the world’s largest footprint database.

"It's part of our DNA that we continue to strive to improve, innovate and seek out something better for the consumer"

Elio Parodi, founder’s grandson and Executive Director of ROPAR, S.A.

This was a project developed in collaboration with INEGI –Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering from University of Porto. Here, new mechanical and biomechanical paradigms of footwear are tested, evaluating the distribution of the foot across the plantar surface of A’RCOPEDICO® models, as well as gait and posture.  The results of these tests will be the foundation for the brand’s future and will also help to create the new A’RCOPEDICO® patent.

Elio Parodi
Prof. Elio Parodi
Maria de Lurdes Parodi
Maria de Lurdes Parodi
Enrico Parodi
Enrico Parodi
Elio Parodi
Elio Parodi